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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The slutty girls I've been drawing have a lot of reasoning behind them;

It's something to do with my confusion how porn gives guys these expectations on girls, Males these days seem to be looking for the 'good girl' the perfect, pretty, skinny, intelligent, best friend that will be your whore but only yours.. i'm not sure how realistic it is..

Another point is how 'sex sells' and how it's to do with the filthy scammy cycle of consumerism. "Look at me I can suck some cock so I can sell myself to make some money because that's all that matters is money! Not self esteem or dignity or anything.."

I also like making such a personal thing into public art .. there's no shock value these days soo what's the harm heh.

There's also the fact that I love how I can draw them doing anything and it's considered art, heh! like how in hentai they can draw what they like and it's not illegal even if it's rapey or gruesome .. awesome!
I have complete control over what she looks like, if she's enjoying it or crying.. yea it's great you should try it!

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